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What You Need To Know About Private School Certification

All you need to know about private schools

When looking at private schools, you probably know that they are schools which aren?t affiliated with the government. Private schools are formed by individuals or a group of people who have similar agenda and they are generally defined as institutions that do not need any administration from the government or receive any funding from the government. If a student joins a private school, they will be required to pay full tuition which is usually high as government subsidies do not form part of the program. A student can also join a private school through scholarships which means their tuition could be waivered or they could be paying less than other students. Some private schools offer their student’s tuition aid or in some cases, they are able to provide their students with tax credit scholarships.

Types of private schools and their structures

Generally, when the term private school is used, it mainly refers to primary or secondary education. This is especially common in the UK and other countries that are associated with the Commonwealth. Tuition in private schools, be it at a primary or secondary level, is never the same and varies depending on the location of the school as well as the ability of the parents to pay the school fees. Factors such as peer tuition also play a role and whether or not the schools have a strong financial endowment. Most private schools justify their high school fees as being the need to pay their teachers well and also to ensure that the student to teacher ratio is low. They also use the tuition to fund important school structures as labs and libraries.

A private school could be a boarding school or a day school. There are some military academies that are privately held as well as private schools that fall under religious affiliation. As expected, military academies will have a strong leaning towards military habits while the religious or denominational private schools will focus on teaching religion as part of the core subjects being taught alongside other subjects. However, you will find denominational private schools that are not overly religious but that instead use their religious beliefs as a background to run the school meaning that no time will religion and normal studies cross each other.

Important to note is that private schools do not really follow the written curriculum from the government to the dot even though they base their own curriculum to be similar to the public schools. Some adopt certain schooling systems as their curriculum like the British School System. This does not mean that they go completely against the stipulated curriculum only that they are in a different system. Others that follow the same curriculum as public schools will have other units incorporated that are hard to find at public schools.

Private schools in the world

Private schools have been around for a very long time and have remained to be schooling that is afforded by those who are considered well off financially. As much as the concept might differ, there are private schools around the world that have adopted certain systems of the world. Some well-known private schools are owned by the church but others are owned by individuals who want to see a difference in the schooling offered to pupils.

Private schooling is not cheap and it puts a burden on countries where public education has not been well developed. The fact that the student to teacher ratio is low makes private school preferable as a pupil gets the necessary attention in order to realize their potential. In countries like Lebanon where the public education system leaves much to be admired, the private school system basically runs the education system. In such situations, parents are put under a lot of strain as private schooling is not cheap and this is made more evident by the lack of government funding or subsidies.

Why private school is preferred

As we have mentioned, private schooling is preferred by parents where the public school system hasn?t been well developed and therefore they feel the children would get better attention at such institutions. Some countries have a very low intake in private schools and this is because their public schools have been well developed and equipped to support the education sector.

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