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There is no one perfect way to remove stumps after you have felled a tree. There are a number of methods to choose from depending on the specific nature of the stump to be removed. For this work, it is always proper to hire professional stump removal services that will have in mind all the health and safety issues in mind. It will also be their concern to look into environmental protection. Whichever the method of removal is employed, stump removal should be a priority after cutting a tree. It is a concern of environmental care as it is a health and safety concern.

Chemical stump removal

Chemical removal of stumps is a health and safety concern. It is proper to seek advice from a professional on how to safely apply these chemicals. Another open option to consider would be to hire stump removal services to get this work done. This method involves use of chemicals to hasten decay Tree People of Coquitlam of the tree stump.

Most of the chemicals that you can use in stump removal compose of potassium and nitrogen. They increase the rate of bacterial growth thus increasing the rate of decomposition. Afterwards it becomes easier to remove through physical methods. Appropriate machines should be used to drill holes on the stumps. You can hire the equipment from a business that offers stump removal services. Another option would be to hire stump removing services that would give you the best results. This option is however not sound if you have children or pets in your compound.

Stump grinder

Grinding uses machinery that disintegrates the stump into small chips. Grinding like chemical removal of stumps has its health and safety concerns. The major ones are the possibility of injuries as the work progresses. Splinters from the wood could enter your eye as you go on with your work. This calls for you to put on appropriate personal protective clothing and equipment.

There are also environmental concerns of this method of stump removal. The main one results from the splinters that are a by product of the removal activity. It is sound to hire stump removal service that can help you to clear the stump splinters Tree Care The splinters look untidy and can also hinder proper growth of grass.

Removal by fire

This is a sound that you can use to remove a stump. When using this method to remove a stump, you need to drill holes and put some fuel, mostly kerosene. For safety reasons, you are advised against using gasoline to lite a stump.

This method has its environmental concerns, it does pollute the air and it also interferes with soil composition. It may be fast and easy but not the best method of stump removal over large trucks of land or in a neighborhood with many people.

Natural method

This method simply means you leave the stump to decay. This method is most effective when the stump is not so large. It also has its environmental and health concerns. The stump could bud again or the roots can grow deeper. In the cases where stumps decay, it could develop fungi that can affect other trees growing around it.

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